Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 68- Procedure #14

I DON'T HAVE AN EX-FIX ON MY ARM!!!! Woohoo! So I was only kind of NPO. I had clear liquids for breakfast; for me that meant apple juice. I don't eat chicken broth or jello. I mean, seriously?! Those are NOT breakfast foods! Ew. So today I had a wound vac change, but my plastic surgeon wanted to do it, so I had to wait (without food) for what felt like forever, because it was. I didn't eat solid food from 11:30 pm- 11:30pm. Thanks, doc. I found out that the muscle flap surgery, or free flap, will be Tuesday. They have no idea how much hospital stays cost apparently.

Pre-op was quick and painless. Post-Op was fast. I think even the Op-Op (being in the OR) was relatively snappy, too. The only thing that dragged on and on was waiting and waiting to get "called" (not by Jesus, people). Did I mention I got my ex-fix off of my arm?! 'Cause I so did!!!

So I rocked PT twice today with no food or water!! Go me! And don't, for a second, think that my PT goes easy on me; she calls it boot camp (and she would know because her hubby runs one). I even beat my time wheeling around the nurses station by one minute (without breaks)!!!!

You know, some nurses are so rude, mean, and have just lost their compassion. They come in your room with an attitude and act like you're annoying to them. Please. I'm paying your salary, lady (literally, just got 2 of the first bills). Calm down and wipe that fake sugary, sweet smile off of your face. I know this happens in every profession (teaching), but this is your sign to GET OUT!

To be fair: Some nurses, PTs, and techs come into my room with true compassion and genuine love. A lot of my nurses show this, but there is one nurse and my PT in particular who possess these things so fully. I never feel like a burden when I ask for something. They show compassion and love to me. They treat me like a human being, not like an annoyance or an invalid. These two go above and beyond to make me feel strong and happy. I have many good people caring for me, but they're in a league of their own; like my mommy and daddy.

"You don't know you can be strong until you have to be."

And that's life...

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