Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 60

I HAVE THREE (3) NEGATIVE BACTERIA CULTURES!!!! Woot! well done, me. Well done. Tomorrow morning I will have my 11th surgery. My doctor will take my last 2 plates out of my leg. This means I will get the ilizarov ex-fix. Although I really don't want that, it sounds like I will be able to start walking pretty soon. Yay! I have some dead bone that will come out tomorrow; this should heal itself. My lower bones have apparently barely healed because of the infection. Today my elbow has been hurting and bothering me. I feel like if he doesn't hurry and take this ex-fix off I'm going to get arthritis in my shoulder! Haha! I can feel a few places where my doctor took out the screws and am not looking forward to that for tomorrow.

Vain alert: I have figured out that a lot of the reason I don't want the ilizarov is because it will make my already scarred up leg have even more scars. I mean, I'm pasty and that won't change. It's not like my color will cover them up. My leg will be full of scars. I feel the same about the pins in my arm. Ok, enough.

I had 6 people come visit me today. My granny brought us dinner! A dear friend of mine brought me cupcakes!! I also got some PB&Js and a goodie bag! Go me!! I really am thankful for everything I am given and everyone who has me in their prayers.
White chocolate red velvet cupcake- YUM!!!
Food for thought... Get it?

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