Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 70- Surprise Surgery #15

So I had a surprise surgery today. The nurse burst into my room last night at about 11:59 and told me I would be NPO because I'm having surgery on the back of my right leg (and didn't want to talk about it anymore; just wanted me to be NPO). Hold up!! "What's wrong with the back of your leg?," you might ask... Nothing!! Scary! So I woke up this morning, hungry, wondering what kind of surgery I would have today; also WHEN I would have it. Luckily for me, I got called at a reasonable time for a wound vac change. My next surgery will be on Tuesday at 2:30. I will need extra prayers on that day.

So all of a sudden my leg hurts when it's down. This is problematic because I have to use the restroom occasionally. When I say "hurts" I mean excruciating, tearful pain. I told my doctor (the one I like and who visits), and he seemed to think it was ok. Maybe I didn't stress my pain enough...

So I take a LOT of medicine/vitamins now. My least favorite one to "take" is Lovenox (loh-ven-ox). I have to get a shot in my belly twice a day. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it burns, sometimes I don't feel anything but the stick. Ha! Now each medicine is specific and good for me; Lovenox is a blood thinner. I have this because I'm "not as active" (I mean I do have a shattered ankle...) and we don't want blood clots in those legs of mine.

Speaking of my legs, I got a sponge bath and hair wash today!! I love feeling clean! I used to take that for granted; not anymore. As a matter of fact, I used to take a lot of things for granted, like walking, dancing, jumping, walking silly, driving, pottying by myself, showers, not being in a bed all day, etc. Try to not take things for granted...

Last night when I didn't know which surgery I was getting, I found out I am very nervous about this muscle flap surgery. I burst into tears after I was told I was having surgery the next day. I am worried it won't take. I am worried it will get infected. I am worried about what I'm going to do for 7 days with no moving. I am worried about spending 48-72 hours in the special ICU I have to go to. I am scared. I feel like this will be a step back, not like it's a step to move forward. I need to let go, and let God. Again, it's harder than it sounds. I'm working on it.

I worry about posting this so "early" because of last night. Oh well.
And that's life...

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