Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 59- Procedure #10

Just go ahead and name the Pre-Op or OR after me already!! Today I had my tenth trip to the OR. It went well. I got a wound vac put on, though. I guess that's good. I'm not too sure yet. My doctor told my mom he's going to take out my other plates. This is so not good. The ilizarov looms closer and closer... However, my doctor said I can walk with the ilizarov; now I don't think that means immediately because I assume the bones still have to heal. I'll ask tomorrow. I have my elbow moving half way!! I'm getting there.

I'm trying to make peace with the inevitable ilizarov and muscle flap surgery (and not being able to move for a week minimum). I'm trying, I am. I think I have forgiven the girl who hit me. It wasn't necessarily her fault; even if it was, I need to let it go.

If anyone is itching to help my dear family, we need dinners brought or gift cards to buy dinners (please remember we have no refrigeration and can't keep left overs). My parents come up every evening to hang out with me. Mom stays the night with me every night. Dinner gets super expensive when you buy it every night. I love my parents more than I could possibly express in words and am so thankful I have them. I feel bad being here because we all eat every night and I know it's become a financial hardship on them (though they won't say so). So if you feel the need to help, please do something about dinner. You are invited to come eat up here with us if you'd like. Visitors are always welcome.

Thank you all again for being so supportive with your words of encouragement and prayers. It makes me happy to know so many people are rooting for me. Thanks!!!

The view of my leg. Ha!
My view of my arm.

Your view of my arm.

Me!! I look so squished. Hahaha!

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