Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 69- Surprise Worship

Some great friends of mine (some in spirit) surprised me today with a mini service. Something I didn't know I needed. They got me a bible and sticky-noted the verses that spoke to them. These verses spoke to my soul. I'm not used to talking about my faith, so give me some time to get comfortable, please. I also received a quilt; I have ALWAYS wanted a QUILT!!! They also brought me yummy cookies and cupcakes from J. Raes!!!

The awesome ladies who came to see me!! Look at my quilt!

My "Highly portable and easy to carry" bible. Haha! I love it!!


Beautiful cookies!
The second half of the cookies!!
My first full day with my arm ex-fix off was a nice little learning curve. I have to re-learn what I can and can't do. It's kind of weird having so much freedom and not having hardly any, but I think I'm coping pretty well. I guess getting my ex-fix off is kind of bittersweet, because I thought I was going to have more freedom than I do have. My doctor said that in two weeks we will start moving my elbow again. The same way we did when the ex-fix was on it. However, I shouldn't have to start at square one, which is great!

Apparently when there is trauma to your body you lose a lot of your sensation. I'm going to have to start working on getting my sensation back in my foot so I can start walking. I know walking is a long way off, but if I get the sensation back, I'll be one step closer (see what I did there?!).

My dad and I shot our awesome Nerf guns tonight! It as so fun. I felt normal for a while. A tech came in and commented that he had those same guns; I could tell he wanted to play. Work... Ew! Ha!

Daddy! <3 Look at that concentration.
Today I have finally started to realize the impact I have on people. I literally had no idea. I feel so blessed and so loved because of this whole experience. People need to say and hear that they are loved waaaaay more than we do. I am going to start reminding the people around me that they are loved, wanted, important, needed, and God's perfect creation.

And that's life...

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