Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 73- Procedure #16

After waiting for 2 and a half hours, I got my simple little wound vac change and slept all day. Well, not exactly... I had IHOP and PT right after surgery, then slept until dinner (9ish). I'm so tired today, even now. If I close my eyes more than the time it takes to blink, I'll be asleep.

I will be missing Halloween this year. This makes me sad; it's one of my favorite holidays because you get to dress up. Also, I like to see what other people dress up as and take my cousins trick-or-treating. So sad. It looks like my one decoration and I will just chill here.

This morning at 5am my PICC line refused to produce blood. As you know, I hate getting my blood drawn, but had to get it drawn 2 times with 3 sticks. I cried for each one. I even cried right after we figured out my stupid PICC wouldn't give blood. Currently my nurse is doing something called TPA (I think it uses Heparin) to fix it. We were going to do that this morning, but they called me and I went. I got stuck in the hand once and the arm twice. So far, 2 hours in and 2 antibiotics skipped, it's still not working. Ugh!! If it doesn't work in another 4 hours, my nurse will call the PICC nurse.

TPA in my PICC.
I'm much better today, I just needed to vent. My PT read what happened in my chart and vocally stated she was upset in their office this morning, and a bunch of PTs were upset for me because they knew me/had done PT with me. It's just so interesting how you affect people. I didn't know they would remember me. You never know who will remember you or what you said or how you acted.

And that's life...

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