Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 71- A Day of Visitors

Today I had 8 visitors!!! I felt so loved and important. I got to be in fellowship with some important people in my life. I liked that; it gave me a sense of normalcy.

Let tomorrow worry about itself. I'm going to try to live this way. I'll worry about today (not that it does me much good...) and let tomorrow take care of itself. There are no guarantees in this life; I can give testimony to this. Do you think I ever planned to be in a wreck? To have to learn how to walk again? To wait for surgeries each day? To have mostly doctors, nurses, techs, and therapists (although I am thrilled I met some of these people) to talk to? No. I planned to be subbing and being a youth director, not sitting in a hospital bed waiting on doctors and surgeries. However, that seems to be the and I was dealt, so I'm doing my best to play them and win!

Maybe I'm here to witness to the people here at the hospital. Maybe I'm here to be the little bit of sunshine people see throughout the day. Who knows? It's a thought... Mom had mentioned something about this a while back, and I have been thinking about this. I touch many peoples' lives throughout the day, week, month, stay. I talk to a lot of people sometimes.  I try to always be positive, upbeat, and respectful/thankful throughout my healing process.

Let me tell you that healing is tough! I'm tired (I might have fallen asleep on a few visitors; so sorry!) and itchy; mostly itchy. I just want to scratch my leg and arm like crazy. Unfortunately, my leg is still working on getting all the feeling back. So, my leg itches, but I get no relief to scratch it. Sad times. Plus, they're both wrapped up.

Mom decided to "decorate" today. She put up a decoration in front of my bed. She told me she was upset she couldn't decorate at home. Haha! I think it's hilarious! One nurse (a male) already commented on it.

And that's life...

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