Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 74

Today was a better day; thank you for raising my spirits!!

Today I received an adorable cookie basket from a family friend. It was so stinkin precious! It was all Halloween themed and everything; so cute. I also got a visit from a church member and friend today. She brought me Halloween candy and Velocity body wash and lotion as well as lip gloss. It was so sweet!!

My spooktacular cookie basket!

My sister and her boyfriend visited today. She took me on a walk all through the hospital and buildings. We went to this beautiful garden that we've been to before and decided they should have made it the scary garden for patients and staff. Ha! When we got back to the room, she washed my hair!! So clean, happy, and thankful!

So for doctor news, my plastic surgeon is sick (like 105 fever). My doctor (orthopedic) went to visit his family. One of my plastic's partners left for Rome today. My problem? I need a wound vac change tomorrow or Friday... Someone will have to do it.

Mommy bought me this cool expanding ball thing. Haha! It semi-glows in the dark. It's cool!!

See? So much fun!!
I miss doing Pinterest projects. I miss cooking. I miss my youth group. I miss my bed. I miss walking. I miss being goofy with my friends. However, I'm blessed to have what I have: family, God, my life.

P.S. I just found out I'm NPO... Looks like it'll be tomorrow.

And that's life...

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