Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 65- Wacky Water Ride

Mom is currently trying to rearrange my room... She thinks it's going well, I think I'm on a dysfunctional quarter ride outside the grocery store. Help!! Hahaha! Well I'm all moved; the nurses will freak a bit. Ha! The sound mom's air mattress makes reminds me of mission trip. Oh my.

Yeah, that looks safe...

So procedure #13 is tomorrow. I don't think I'm getting the muscle flap tomorrow. Something about the doctors NOT COMMUNICATING ONCE AGAIN!! This is getting to be obnoxious. I mean, seriously? Get it together!! Instead I will be getting a wound vac change in the OR. I guess that's it.

I just chugged 2 apple juices and some water because I'm NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight. There's a running joke amongst some people up here (including my parentals) that my name was "NPO No food after midnight". Ha! There's a sign across the hall and mom said they stole my name! Haha! She's hilarious.

I looooooove my water!!

I am really kind of ticked that I keep waiting around for this muscle flap. It's not like I want it, it's just that if it's "inevitable", then let's do it already!!! If there was a chance I wouldn't have to have it, I wouldn't worry so much; I'm getting it, it's apparently just a matter of when. I'm just miffed at the doctors (not my personal one) and the whole situation. I hurry up and wait. Ugh! On the upside, I get to see my favorite nurses and my amazing physical therapist (PT) while I wait. I love her. She kicks my butt; I'm in boot camp. It's painful, but worth it!!

Ok, that's all for tonight. Thanks for reading and please continue praying. Love y'all!

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