Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 100

Day 27: I am thankful for love and support from people I expect it from, and those who surprise me. 
 It's day 100 and I'm still in the hospital. I have successfully pottied in the bed pan!! I sat up on the side of the bed today, although I cried the whole time.

Today my doctor (ortho) changed my bandage on my leg. I saw my leg for the first time. It was scary and still a bit of a shock. More crying. The rewrapping wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the anxiety is always the worst part for me. It still hurts to move too much, but I've been assured it will go away. I took pictures of my leg, but Mommy and Daddy said it was inappropriate to post them...

A couple of friends and family members stopped by today. One of my real good friends brought  my mom and me Corner Bakery Cafe food; yummy!! I also got a lot of encouraging text messages. I kept falling asleep again all day, though. Ha! The pain meds make me hot and tired, plus I have to be on oxygen and a monitor to sleep. Such an odd sensation. Not as odd as feeling limbs that aren't there.

I kept waking up with excruciating pain in my ankle. I always tell myself I don't have an ankle. It's a hard reality. Today my favorite nurse stopped by and "touched" my foot like she used to; I swear I could feel it. It's so odd. I think seeing it unwrapped really helps me to know where the sensations "should" end. I'm working on accepting it still; also starting back at square one. Seeing it unwrapped was extremely scary for me. The harsh reality of part of my leg being gone hit me like a ton of bricks. I might have to go to rehab after this, but before home. I won't go to the same rehab, I'll go to a different one if I go.

And that's life...

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  1. I do not know you personally , I am Amanda Parkhurst's mother in law. I first heard about your ordeal via Kim Estes on facebook. I started reading your blog a couple of days ago, what an inspiration you are! I can not imagine the pain and grief you must be going through , but from everything I have read, you are handling this much better than most people would (I am over twice your age, and not sure how I would. God bless you young lady and praying for a quick recovery for you. I feel God has great plans for you, so keep your chin up. Anxious to hear about you and all of your progress.