Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 87

Day 13: I am thankful for music; it can make you feel all sorts of emotions. Although I miss belting out lyrics, I enjoy my dad's and my time singing together.
Today I am mourning my life. Not the one that flows through my veins, the one I am officially missing out on. I am also mourning my looks. I will have many many scars when this is all said and done. I know you can get them corrected, but that costs money I don't have. I can't help but be sad about this.

I've noticed that the hospital kind of dehumanizes you. I don't feel like a human. I feel different. It's hard to describe. Also, I don't feel pretty. I have greasy hair most of the time. I don't feel clean when I get a sponge bath because they don't do it the way I would. You get a sponge bath every couple of days and a hair washing when the right tech is here and has the skills. It makes you feel like less than a human. People listen to you, but they don't hear you.This is not ALL people. As I've said before, I've met some AMAZING people here who I know I will connect with later.

Hyperbaric was uncomfortable today. I didn't start in a comfortable position, so the whole time I kept fidgeting. They did forget to keep my glasses so I could actually see! Ha ha ha! Apparently they are worried about my glasses scratching the acrylic; they are not a fire hazard. Who knew? I doubt they can do that if they're on my face... There were other people in the other tubes today; I prayed for their healing.

I did well in PT. We worked on my arm and did strength exercises for my legs. We took the dressing off of my skin graft donor site; it will scar, but it looks "good" for now. 3 friends came today bringing awesome stuff with them!!! PB&J, mac-and-cheese, and water. The things they brought were nice and much appreciated, but I was just happy to see them!! My grandparents also came to see me today; they're so sweet! They asked me if I wanted anything specific for thanksgiving and assured me I would get a plate.

And that's life...

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