Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 101

Today was way better for pain. I transferred to the potty and back twice!! Woot woot! I also did it without crying the first time. I can move my right leg and can hold it up for a few seconds. I'm still having phantom pains and sensations. I keep telling myself that I don't have those toes, ankles, calf, etc. It's difficult, but I'm learning.

I got X-rays taken tonight so my doctor can take the glass out of my hands and arms. He said he will numb me first. Ha! Then he will cut those places open and remove the glass in the worst places. That sounds so super exciting (sarcasm)!! I'll let you know how that goes.

So while moving today, I made my bandage slip off my leg a bit. I'm currently waiting for my doctor to get out of surgery to come fix it. The immobilizer rubs my stitches, so I can't just ignore it. It is now fixed. Awesome!

Daddy was off work and we just slept most of the day. We took "naps" every chance we got! Ha ha!! That's just like us. We also talked about rehab. We think it's a good option for me. I won't be going to the same place, but I will get the help I need. I had a couple of visitors today who brought me gifts; this always reminds me of my strength and what other people see of me. Now we are going to bed after an eventful, napping day.

And that's life...

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