Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 103- One of the fullest days of my life

Today I read the comments I received and cried for a good long while. I am always amazed and astounded how many people take the time to read my blog and then comment. It's inspiring. I am truly thankful. When I say "full" in my title, I mean my soul is swollen with love and shining with the light y'all fill me with. Again, thank you.

I started the day sick to my stomach. It was no fun. However, it quickly picked up. My doctor took one of the pieces of glass out of my hand; it's harder than it sounds. I know why he likes his patients asleep, we bugged the crap out of him and talked his ear off while he was "operating". By the way, the numbing stuff is worse than ANYTHING!!! Ouch! After that, things really started picking up steam.
My awesome PT saw me "ambulate" today!! I took some swivel steps while up on the walker. She also convinced me to get in my wheel chair. My PT's husband came by and met me today. He was so nice and personable. After that, we almost got discharged, but then someone messed up somewhere. Anyways... During one of my transfers, my immobilizer (super long cast to keep my knee straight) came off. I could see my stump (Stumpy McGee). Then it hit me, I don't have a leg. I haven't thought about it because of the immobilizer and the weird phantom sensations I get. However, today is was very real and very in my face.
Me, standing, with my beautiful, talented, and amazing PT!!

Me, sitting in the wheelchair for the first time in a while. (Immobilizer is on my right leg.)
A prosthetic limb maker, who contacted me via Facebook and a mutual friend, came to talk to me about his company and what they can do for me. I had my favorite nurse, my PT, Mommy, and Daddy with me to ask questions. He was so knowledgeable, passionate, and honest. He talked to me like a person, and told it to me straight. It was so informative and helpful to me. I am kind of excited and can't wait to get fitted!!

Throughout the day (and definitely the meeting), people kept coming in and saying goodbye. It was so heartwarming. I felt so much love. The nurses and techs even gave me a card!!! I cried. Duh. They are so sweet. I'm really going to miss them.

After the meeting, I was transported to my new rehab center! It's so nice and clean. I was a little sad, aka I cried, because I realized I didn't know anyone here. No nurses. No techs. No PTs. Just me. I have been in the hospital so long and know pretty much everyone on my floor (and a few on other floors). I started to panic a bit. I'm not a big fan of change... I started worrying about if I could do this. Then my favorite nurse showed up and wiped my tears and made it better. Mom and Dad moved in while we were laying in the bed. Ha! She stayed a while and everyone told me I would be ok. My sister stopped by to see my new place, too. I love that girl! They all helped me to adjust and I couldn't have done this without them. I am truly and deeply thankful they're in my life! Now Mom and I are relaxing and getting ready for bed.
My favorite nurse and I layin' in my bed.
 And that's life...

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  1. Just noticed in the photo of you and your PT fabulosa, aren't you standing in front of the potty chair? Talk about staging a photo!!! It is so cool to see you standing tall.