Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 104-Rehab

Day 30: I am thankful for my family; whether they are blood, in Christ, or adoptees. I love them and could not do anything I have done without them.

One of life's great moments. The recognition of choice. The choice that you can continuously change until you have carved out the character you really want to be. We shouldn't be discouraged every time we have to change course. Instead be encouraged to be one choice closer to defining our life. Great choices don't always turn out right, but they always bring us closer to that character that we are becoming... -Justin Blevins

Today was my first day in rehab (not the Lindsey Lohan kind). They woke me up early, made me work hard, then left me alone. It was a long day that gave me perspective for the future.

So I started my morning off with a glorious shower that did not last near long enough. I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth (with different brushes), and headed to the gym. I had three, count them THREE, hours of physical therapy and occupational therapy. This means I sat up in my chair for that whole time!! That's huge! Now I may pay for this severely tomorrow by being sore. We shall see.

So at one point today I had already called TWICE for someone to help me go potty (they like to supervise you). So just when I got to the point I was about to transfer out of bed by myself and figure it out, in walks my amazing PT!! I was so excited to see her! So she stood by while I transferred to the chair, went to the bathroom, transferred back to the chair, washed my hands (which I have SO missed), and transferred back to bed. ALL. BY. MYSELF. Well done, me!!! A little before that a nurse had helped me go to the potty and had left me in my wheel chair. So I took the arm off of the wheelchair and transferred myself to the bed. I know, I'm awesome!

Then I had a short nap. I was sooo tired!! Next thing I know, I get a huge amount if visitors. God knew I needed them... 3 of my best friends came by, my favorite nurse, my PT, and a beautiful young woman and her family (including her brother who is an amputee). They kind of came and went. I talk to my friends' brother and we compared stories of hospitals and amputations. It was awesome!! I really enjoyed every second of everyone's visits. Everyone was so sweet and nice. It truly was a Godsend.

Next my Daddy and sister came. Dad brought BBQ! We ate, then I needed another nap. After that we went for a joy ride around the hospital and outside. Right now l am laying in my bed with my Daddy (crying). I have missed this so much! We are such an affectionate family and I've missed that the most through this whole ordeal. He just holds me like his little girl again and he can kiss my boo boos and make them go away. My beautiful sister is sitting in the chair playing Christmas carols for us. I feel so at peace. I love my family soooo much and am the most blessed person ever.

Life is about doing the best you can with what you have.

And that's life...

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  1. Jenae,

    Nicole Hutchison told me about you and your blog. I don't have time to explore your blog much this morning, but know that I will be back and sending prayers your way. I look forward to following your journey!