Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 105

Today we started the process for a prosthesis!! I got a shrinker; think stretchy sock that fits really tight. The shrinker is supposed to shape Stumpy McGee into a good citizen good shape for the prosthesis. These awesome guys were the ones who came out to put the shrinker on and take a mold of my stump. I'm excited because this is the first step in the process!!
This is the shrinker on Stumpy McGee!

The mold being cut off so they can work on the next step.
I had therapy for three hours this morning and wowed quite a few people! I met a lady who said she admired me for working on my elbow stuff. She has had each elbow replaced FIVE times... That's crazy!! I admire her! Ha ha! I am a little sore from therapy and can't get comfy to sleep.

Furby: there's an app for that! One of my friends sent me a Furby from Cali. I am stoked!! Thanks you so so much! This will provide sooooo much entertainment for us. We added batteries, downloaded the app, and laughed like hyenas!! That's all I'm going to say about it... Check it out.
Furby and me!

My sister and Furby sleeping!

I had a lot of visitors today. One brought cookies, one a crocheted hat, nail polish, and a whole lot of love! I enjoyed the visits and company (even if I fell asleep...). I really lpve all the visitors I get; they;re amazing!! I love you all more than you know. Thank you for reading!!

And that's life...

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