Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Busy, busy day!

Today started out with an eye appointment for Dad in the hospital district. That went well; his eye is all good. We were supposed to meet a prosthetist, but he was running late. He moved the appointment to after my ortho appointment, but then that took so long he had to go to his next one. That's ok, though.

After Dad's appointment and the non-meeting, we ate breakfast in the cafeteria. I got an omelet, not that I ever got one while I was IN the hospital... Next, we were off to my ortho. After waiting for a while and X-rays, he said my elbow looked pretty good and my leg did not. He put me back on the wound vac so it can ready the "hole" for a skin graft. My heart is a little broken... However, I take comfort in my faith in my doctor. He doesn't worry about phrasing anymore; I mean it's been forever. He let me choose what I wanted, although both options eventually led to another skin graft. He is going to let my plastic surgeon do this one, although I think my ortho did a better one. Ironic, no? Ha!

Funny story about the wound vac: they called us to return it. This consists of sitting it on the porch in a box. UPS comes and gets it and labels it. On the phone the guy was perturbed that we were "waiting on a box"; we didn't have one that it would fit in. He seemed in an all-fire rush to get it back. We promised it would be ON THE PORCH by Tuesday. And it was. They did NOT pick it up yesterday. I guess that turned out to be a good thing because I need it again. Ugh. Anyways, Dad called our neighbors to see if they could take it off our porch until we get home; neither were there. However, my dear friend drove by on her lunch break and picked it up for us. She rocks!!! My ortho pre-prepped it for the vac- you know what that means: TAPE. Double ugh. All was saved so I could use the wound vac again... Yay.

After the doctor, we ran some errands. We got Dad some new shirts and returned a few things. We ate lunch at Chili's- YUM!! The service was pretty awful, but my steak and mac-n-cheese were good! After all that, we came home.

My little neighbor girl doesn't have a youth group, so I invited her to go with me. Tonight she did!! We had a great lesson about the Ten Commandments (that auto-capped those words! Cool!!) and the Lenten season. Great discussion by my fave teachers! She said she likes hanging out with me. I blushed. Haha! She is a wonderful girl and I can't wait to see what God will do with her. Dad and I came home to hamburgers (he had to stop for buns) and then sat around and read.

I messaged/texted a nurse I know and used to work with. We talked about this leg of mine and what wound care we're doing (gauze changes only). She seemed worried about this, which worries me. I have complete faith in my ortho, though, and trust what he says. I do kind of feel like we could have done more... I don't know. Dad asked me the other day if I wanted to change any of my healthcare people; I really don't. I just want to be healed!!!

Mixed feelings about the day. Good news, though, looks like I'll need to keep blogging daily so I don't stress... Haha! Yay! I really like it, I just don't want to bore people... Anyways, enjoy!

Prayers please for healing and my family.

And that's life...

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