Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 168

Today was awesome!! We started out by going to the recycle place, and then HEB (my favorite store!). They were passing out samples so we munched as we went. I had forgotten I needed stuff for Sunday and so I had to get a few items. I also got sushi!! They had a HUGE shopping cart in the parking lot that I took a picture of- love it!

When we got home, I made some cute little marshmallow treats ( with the parentals help for the "big game" tomorrow. My Youth are having a fundraiser and I am selling them to raise money for my mission trip this summer. Yay! Pics are below.

Next, I tried this recipe ( which was interesting. Ha! It tastes more like cookie dough than cookies, and has that "healthy" taste to it. The consistency is what is a little off, plus it's not as sweet. You know what I mean! They were ok, though, as far as "good for you" goes. I liked them.

Next, I had to finish my signs for Youth stuff tomorrow and needed a Cricut cartridge from a friend. So, Mom and I went to get it. I drove!! We briefly saw my grandparents (both sets in ONE week!!). They were happy to see me and see that I was driving. We made a quick stop at WalMart on the way home. I needed something to plate my treats on. I also got a really cute shirt I'll probably wear tomorrow. Check for pics! I finished my signs and was off to bed.

And that's life...

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