Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today I finished the Being Human series that was on Netflix and read. I am hoping to finish my book soon. My grandma called and wanted to know who to make the check out to so no one would put flamingoes in her yard. Haha! She is in another state, but I guess she wanted to donate. Isn't that sweet? I love her!!

Dad came and got me after school for some PT. I did the arm bike, sitting on the ball and doing lat pulls, and wall push-ups. This time we got pictures! I also practiced "getting into" a 15 passenger van. Well, we set up something that was supposed to simulate getting into the van. Dad thinks I will have no problems, but I have my reservations. It's possible that I pulled something in my "good" leg... I sure hope not. Ugh!

When we got home, I read some more. Mom made cheese fondue and ravioli for dinner- yum!! Fondue is so fun!

I found out today that my prosthetist has partnered with someone that does the patient care part of the business. This is great because now he can make my leg when we get to that point!! Yay! I'll have to break up with my other company I guess. Oh well, I only chose them because of the guy that came and talked to me and he has now changed companies.

Tomorrow I will attend a 30 Hour Famine with my Youth until Saturday night. I probably won't write until I'm done.

And that's life...

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