Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 171

Today I slept in and stayed home. It was nice because I'm actually getting good sleep now. I did, however, make a craft today!

I have a clear phone cover and cut out scrapbooking paper to make custom covers!! They turned out really cute! I should have used an exacto knife to cut out the lens piece, probably, but it was ok. After I made my covers and watched some TV, I needed a nap. Haha!

After Mom and Dad got off work, Dad took me to therapy. I told my PT about my stair climbing and she was so happy for me! Then she measured my arm and was not so happy... I lost some movement by not stretching it out while on bed rest, but we got about 10 degrees back today. I'll have to be more diligent about stretching it. Ugh.

After therapy, Mom came and took me to my aunt's house. My aunt has a friend (who's more like family) who is going through the process for weight loss surgery and wanted me to talk to her. She was soooooo well informed and educated! It was nice of her to sit down and talk to me about everything and what options I have. She had a lot of literature (I'm a visual learner so that's good) that she let me read about each of the procedures. I still haven't made any decisions, except to at least start the process so I can have it if I want it. We talked, ate (healthy), drank (love my family), and laughed. My sister, aunt, grandma, family friend, and Mom were there.

I was talking to Mom last night about permanence. You think, "Permanent, yeah, I can do that." Actually, it's a fairly hard concept to grasp. My life has been PERMANENTLY changed. I will NEVER have a foot again. It's hard to realize that sometimes. Yes, I will walk. Yes, I will live a fairly "normal" life. But I will always be an amputee. Forever. It seems so daunting right now. I'll have a good 60 or so years to use a prosthetic. That's a loooong time. There will come a time that my life as an amputee will be longer than my life with my foot (in about 25 years). I think that's another reason I'm hesitating with the weight loss surgery. This is a PERMANENT ordeal; it can't be undone. Anyways... Food for thought. See what I did there? Ha!!

And that's life...

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