Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 169

This morning we got up and got ready for church. We had to get there early to set up for the fundraiser... Except we were late. Ha! My Youth did fantastic at the Super Bowl Casserole, though!!! Woohoo!

Next, I saw one of my friends who is a fellow youth director. She let me borrow some flamingoes for a fundraiser. I kind of started the fundraiser without actually having all of the flamingoes... Oops. So we had to go get them from her. She is awesome!!

We went home and had lunch and I worked on some Youth stuff. Emails, signs, planning, etc. Then Dad took me to the church so we could have the Super Bowl party.

I didn't ride the van, but I DID make it up about 4 steps!! Haha! I turned around and sat on the steps, and then scooted up them one at a time. It was HARD!! Then I had to stand up which was the hardest part. Dad was there, so he helped, but it took a loooooooot of muscles! That was definitely my exercise for the day. So then I hung out with the Youth and watched the game. We had snacks and drinks and laughs. It was great!! Then I had to get back DOWN the stairs which was waaaaay easier! I am the stair master!! Woot!! I found those stairs and kicked those stairs' butts!!!

All the kids went home, and so did we. I played on my tablet and went to bed. Great day!!!

And that's the stair step of life! (See what I did there?)

P.S. I did see "important" people, but no one who will see me tomorrow!! Ha! Check out my new shirt! <3

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