Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 180

This morning I got up and got ready for the day. My friend came and got me to take me to a youth workers lunch! Her son made me a Valentine. He's so sweet!! Before we got there, we stopped and got cupcakes. We might have split one on the way to lunch... Ha! We ate at Rosa's, which is always delicious. We had very good conversations and enjoyed each others' company. I forgot to get a pic of the friend who took me, but got one of my other friend who was at the restaurant. Ha!

After lunch, she took me home and we, of course, talked the whole way there. I caught her up on my life. By the way, she loves my new wheelchair, too! I have missed her so much!! When I got home, I watched some TV and played on my tablet. Fun times!

When Dad got home, we went to PT. I worked on my arm. My PT had me do some weight stuff, like pulling the bar to my chest, squeezing my shoulder blades with a weight, etc. She also massaged my elbow to loosen all the tissue and stuff. We started out the visit is semi-panic mode about my leg, but I showed her a more recent picture and she felt better. Actually, when I saw it last night I thought it looked better! I didn't cry like I usually do and actually felt like a prosthetic is in my near future. I'm happy. Also, PT makes me sweat now. She really is working me hard! Haha!!

Little known fact about wound care- it stinks. Literally. It smells. I can sometimes smell it when the gauze, ace bandage, and shrinker-type thing, and jeans are on it. Ew. It could be because my ortho won't let me shower with my leg in the shower... Hmmm...

After PT, Dad and I went on a Daddy-Daughter date to Fridays. Yeah, we're classy. So, we split a steak and appetizer because we are working on portion control. Also, to save calories for dessert!! Haha! More for the last one than the first.

When we got home, I got my cupcakes from my "secret admirer"!! 6 red velvet and 6 champagne. YUM!!! They were perfect. A pic of the note is below. Who's my secret admirer you ask? I'll tell you; the conversation is below, and no I'm not ashamed. Ha! After all the excitement of Singles Awareness Day, we read and went to bed.

It's funny how "life changing" events actually change your life. It sounds silly, but it's true. Every year I am sad on valentines because no one gets me flowers or chocolates. I'm sad the other 364 days of the year, too, but it seems I'm under a magnifying glass on February 14th every year. For one, this year, I know I have plenty of time to celebrate that in my life. For two, I have a life and am content to celebrate that!! Also, and one of my youth said it best, you should show your love and affection ALL YEAR ROUND, not just once a year. I know, I'm impressed, too. A 17 year old wrote a whole long rant with the above basic gist. I'm proud!! So, anyways, all of this to say: Be thankful for what you do have, even when it's hard, because you never know if you have tomorrow. Cliché? Yes. Honest? Absolutely!

Dad: "Your sopapilla cheesecake was a hit! You did not get one complaint. Someone said, 'Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow!'"
Me: "Yep, that's what I was going for!! 3 'oh wow's."

And that's life!!

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