Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 174

Today a church member and a youth came to get me so we could move the flamingo flock. Ha! It was so much fun!! The youth was tiptoeing around the yard so the occupants couldn't hear him. Hahaha! It was hilarious!! The people in the house had NO idea.

Next we went to get the youth's license and run a few errands. Oh, and they bought me Whataburger. Yum!! We talked about a ton of different things. I really had fun!!

After they dropped me off, I watched some TV. Then Dad came home and we went to the spaghetti dinner that another one of my youth put on for his Eagle Scout project. There was a great turn out!! I'm so proud of him! My youth never cease to amaze me!! We took home Mom some spaghetti because she was working a soccer game.

We came home and watched some Vampire Diaries (yes I watch that!!). I love our Friday nights!

And that's life...

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