Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You will NEVER guess what I did!

I deleted my Facebook app somehow on Friday. I think it was updating when I restarted my phone and it disappeared. However, the App Store thought it was still on my phone, so I couldn't re-download it. Weird. I tried to get it back Sunday night, but couldn't. Somehow I got it back this morning!! Woohoo! I hate checking FB on Safari. Ugh. Pretty good start to the day...

Then, I got up and got ready and watched some Netflix (Being Human). I am really liking this show! Ha!

This afternoon Dad took me to therapy. My ortho said I can use my arm basically 100%- no platform. So we tried some new stuff. We took the platform thing off Ranger (my walker). Woohoo! My PT had me use both arms to push myself off the table. She had me do push ups against the wall. She had me do the lat pulls sitting on the ball. She even had me stand and do my squats with both arms. No, Dad did not get any pics... It was pretty awesome! She looked at my leg and said it's looking better, and I agree. The best part of therapy was me purposefully sitting on the floor so I could try getting back up... I DID IT!!! I am so super proud of myself! I had to text my old PT and let her know. Haha! It was amazing!! Here's another awesome thing, we talked about me getting my leg. Like it's actually going to happen!! I hope it is as close as she thinks it is. We talked about how I would walk, how long it would take to be walking all the time, what I would do in the meantime, etc.

After PT, Daddy took me to Academy. I wanted to buy a cot for myself. I figure it will be easier to get up out of a cot rather than an air mattress for mission trip and such. I guess I'll know this weekend when I use the cot for the first time at the 30 Hour Famine. You can donate here: http://support.worldvision.org/site/TR/30HourFamine/30HourFamine?team_id=48712&pg=team&fr_id=2020.

Next, we met Mom at the new Brookshire's. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE grocery shopping?! Ha! The store is super nice, but their prices are still a little high. I enjoyed looking around, though. They had the cutest baby apples- smaller than the ones at HEB. Adorable!!

When we got home, we had dinner and sat around (I read). Pretty swell day!

And that's life...

P.S. I'm going to take my first FULL shower tonight with my leg actually in the tub!! Yay!

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