Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 178

Today I ate breakfast for each meal!! I only had two; ironically enough, they were lunch and dinner. Ha! My sister came and got me for lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel and I had a half order of French toast. Yum yum! We looked around the store and decided we should start collecting salt and pepper shakers because they had such cute ones. Haha! There were two ladies in the restroom when I went who were trying on shirts or something in the handicapped stall... Then one lady told the other to hurry up because, and she whispered this part, "There's a girl in a wheelchair out there." Yeah, lady. I'm not deaf, just in a wheelchair. Jeez. Anyways... They told me I could use the bathroom because they were just changing shirts, but I said I'd wait because they were still in there... Awkward. I'm glad my sister was in another stall because if I had looked at her I would have busted out laughing!! Crazy old ladies!

She brought me back home and within 15 minutes, Dad came and got me for PT. Today was evaluation day. My PT said I did the arm bike well, which means I didn't compensate by using my left shoulder and I actually straightened my arm a bit. She measured my arm at 40 degrees just hanging down, 32 degrees while holding the weighted ball, and 26 when she applied pressure to straighten it. What?! That's crazy. Even she was impressed!! I stood for 8 minutes while doing 30 squats, 30 hip hikes (looks like it sounds), and 30 heel raises. Then I stood for 2 minutes without my walker. Yeah!! I sat on the ball for 5 minutes without assistance or using the table to balance. Woohoo!! She said my shoulders are looking more even which is great! I am moving right along! She said I've come a long way. I might have beamed a bit...

Next I was off to the pancake dinner at church. It is Fat Tuesday, ya know. I had some delicious pancakes with REAL maple syrup (from Michigan, not Canada) and bacon!! Delish! The pancakes were made by one of my youth, and he helped me get all the stuff I needed once I was ready to eat (like a fork and glass of milk). He was so awesome and helpful! After I talked to everyone, someone brought me home (because Dad had dropped me off per a predetermined arrangement).

When I was home I read and played on my tablet. Overall, awesome day!! Woot! Oh yeah, I did my eyes Mardi Gras colors.

And that's life!

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