Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 179

Today got off to a slow start. I was supposed to sub, but somehow the system messed up and I didn't get to. So I slept in. Ha! When I finally got up, I read some. After a while I decided I needed to eat so I did. While I was in the kitchen, I set out some stuff to make a dessert for Dad's school for tomorrow. I took a shower, got ready, and read some more.

Next, I decided I was going to take on the kitchen!! I made a sopapilla cheesecake. All. By. Myself. Me- 1 Kitchen- 0 Yeah!! Ok, I did drop some cinnamon on the floor and the onions and potatoes fell out of their basket, but I was victorious!! I still think I won. The house smells AMAZING and the cheesecake will be delicious!

When Dad got home, he took me by the therapy place so he could give my PT a pic of my leg. She is going to have the wound care people look at it. Then we went to the New Balance store! I bought a sweet pair of purple and neon yellow tennis shoes (yes both of them) and Dad got a pair of awesome black and red ones. We were planning on going to Ash Wednesday service, but hit a TON of traffic on the way home; so we missed it. Ugh!

We went to a new restaurant here. It was Mexican and it was pretty darn good!! We had fun talking and laughing like the three of us do on occasion. We joked about beans and their "after effects". Haha!

Here are some quotes from today (I need a TV show...):

Me: "The Jets should get a quarterback named Benny..."
Dad: "B-b-b-Benny and the jets!"

Dad: "Elton should own a porta-potty business... Elton's Johns"

Dad (reading from Facebook): "It's hard to name a movie without an 's' in it... Avatar. No it's not!"
Me: "The A-Team"
Dad: "Lilo and Itch. Ok, not that one..."
Me: "Finding Nemo. This is easy"
Dad: "Gone with the Wind."
We continue to list about 30 more movies.

Me: "Oh man! I had my outfit all picked out in my head for tomorrow and not I have to change it to match my new shoes!"
Dad: Rolls eyes...

Me: "I'm glad you're sleeping with Dad after all those beans he just ate!"
Mom: Laughs.
Dad: "Oh, like she has room to talk."
Me: "She's not much better. Y'all can talk it out!"
Mom (to me): "If you're not nice to me, I'll come sleep in your room!"

And that's life...

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