Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 177

Today was GREAT!! I did a swell job subbing (if I do say so myself). The kids seemed to do their work pretty well and got finished what they needed to. There was an assembly that was about bullying, kind of; it was mostly people doing AWESOME gymnastic stuff, though. I liked it! However, some times I couldn't watch because I was afraid they would drop someone. Ha! They really didn't.

After school we ate dinner, and then I convinced dad we needed to go to HEB. I am NOT addicted... Ok. I am. Hahaha! I had forgotten to get stuff for his luncheon on Thursday, and needed a few things. So he took me. Again, my wheelchair outperformed my other one by like 10283848301972%. It's like a dream- I'm rolling on clouds! I love it!!!

When we got home again, Dad and I read our books. I also played on my tablet and talked to a couple of Youth.

Kids are so funny. Today a kid asked me about my wreck. They wanted to know how it happened and I briefly explained that the girl hydroplaned and hit me. Now, I don't mind talking about my wreck or what happened. It's in the past an it made me stronger. Besides, you can kind of TELL I was in a wreck: I'm currently in a wheelchair, I have no foot, my arms are all scratched up, and you can see scars from my surgeries on my left elbow. It's not like it's a secret... Anyways, the kid wanted to know if I knew the other girl in the wreck. To me, that seems crazy. It's more likely you DON'T know someone you get in a wreck with. It's interesting, though, that they thought to ask that. Of course I told them that I do NOT know the girl. That's just so humorous to me. Ha!

And that's life...

P.S. Fat Tuesday here I come!!

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