Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wound Care

I started wound care today. For you nursey-type people, here is my new regimen: Prisma (stays for a week), Aquacell AG, Mepilex, and stretchy sock thing to be changed every other day. My ortho doesn't want any "gunk" in my wound, but they didn't really put any in there so I hope he won't be mad...

After wound care, I went to Youth. I took my neighbor girl with me again (she went to wound care, too)- I think she really likes it!! We stuffed Easter eggs for the children and the egg hunt. We have a WHOLE lot and will probably do this for a few weeks. I really liked it because I got to talk to the kids while they worked. We don't always have "chill" nights and I enjoy them. The ride there and back was fun with my neighbor- she's funny and laughs at all our jokes.

When we got home, a sweet friend of mine came over and brought me some groceries and such. Apparently she is extreme couponing and has lots of extraneous items; she brought me some awesome stuff!! I think I'm going to help her cut coupons and go shopping- how fun would that be since I love it so much?! Yay!!

I watched some Being Human and Whitney today. I also read some. I need to finish the book I'm currently reading so I can start the one for my book club- they're having sushi... I mean come on!! Maybe I'll do just that tomorrow. We'll see!

And that's life...

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