Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 120

This morning I started out with a stress-free shower. I don't think I will ever get enough showering. Ha! Then I combed and dried my hair and did my make-up. Next, I got dressed and all the rest of the way ready.

We all went to church, then Dad and I spent some time together. We ate some lunch and did some time-wasting shopping. We met up with my sister for a bit more shopping. Then, we headed home.

We ate dinner while I wrapped a gift. Then Dad and I were off to one of my favorite holiday traditions: Progressive Dinner. I did not get to participate in the whole thing, but I did get to see my lovely youth!!! The dessert portion of the meal (appetizer, salad, entree', and dessert) was at my pastor's beautiful home. The kids ate sundaes with tons of toppings, then we exchanged gifts!! It was so good to see my "children" and to have such a fun night!! I love you guys! It was a great day all around.

And that's life...

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