Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 111

Our last walk here.
Today therapy started at 10, so I thought I might sleep in a bit... WRONG!! They tried to draw blood again at 5 am, got my vitals at 6:30, breakfast at 7:30, and nurse at 8:30. That's when things got scary. She changed the dressing on my leg and thought it looked "off". Then the doctor assigned to me looked at it and was worried. That's when my dread set in. I started freaking out because I'm supposed to go home, yet here I am worrying about more stitches; I automatically think, "infection". I call and talk to Mommy, who threatens to come back up here. However, Daddy took the day off (previously; so he could be here for my last day) and headed up here shortly after that.

I eat my breakfast, cry, and wait for Dad to get here. He gets here and I'm whisked off to "independence day" for therapy. We do groups, then standing. Next, I get more wound care which scares me some more. The PT debreeds (sp) it, which is a fancy way to say clean and pick the scabs. She measures the deepness of some spots in my incision, while I try not to cry. Then she sends us on our merry way. We try to eat in the cafeteria, but I didn't like what was being served. We went back to the room and debated what to eat for lunch (while watching what I missed of Robin Hood Men In Tights when I fell asleep last night) until it was time for more therapy.

During this therapy session, I did the small and medium ramp ALL BY MYSELF THREE TIMES!! I was impressed. Next we manipulated my left arm. My PT taught my dad what to do when we get home. After that was done, it was time for walker hopping.
After all that we practiced a car transfer. Nailed it!! We went back to my room and took a nap instead of figuring out what to eat. Then, my favorite PT came to visit me!! We talked about all sorts of stuff. The case worker came next to talk about discharge for TOMORROW. She found me some support groups and a cool thing where I can help kids and teens that are amputees! I'm excited for that!! My ortho showed up next to look at my incision. He said it looked ok and that he would come back tomorrow to make the every-other-day wound care work out correctly. Most importantly, he said it looked ok. A sigh of relief escapes and a sense of calm came over all of us. He is going to put me on some antibiotics to be safe; I'm ok with that.

Mommy showed up mid ortho visit. We finally decided on BBQ. We ordered and ate a HUGE amount of delicious food. I told Dad we should take one last walk, so we did. After we got back to the room, he went home. Now I'm off to Lala Land for the last time here (hopefully).

And that's life...

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