Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 117

Today I went to work with Mommy!! We saw lots of amazing people who have been praying for me and reading my blog. She made me do LOTS of PT and OT stuff! Ha! I shredded papers. I transferred to and from the car and potty. I rolled myself down the hallway. I was awesome!

I went into a kindergarten class today and of course curiosity got the best of a few kids. They asked me what happened to my leg. I explained that I was in a car accident and a car hit me. I said that the doctors worked really hard to save my leg, but couldn't. Not to worry, though, that I was getting a new leg. I told them I also hurt my arm, but it's much better now. They accepted that and moved on to how so-and-so mixed the play-doh colors. Haha! Kids are precious! I explained the same thing to a group of 4th graders walking down the hallway.

I talked with a lady who I've known forever and whose daughter was also in a car wreck a while back. We have different stories, for sure. She told me that I was welcome to visit them and take a shower in their shower. Everything is wheel chair accessible. It was so sweet!!

Next I went with Mom to the basketball game to take money for the tickets. I saw one of my beautiful youth! I had Daddy come pick me up because I was tired. However, we went to Home Depot to look around. I went potty there all by myself! Then we went home and ordered pizza. We watched a few shows and I took a shower ( still working on setup so this is a frustrating time). Now I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

And that's life...

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