Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 132

This morning I got up, showered, and got ready for the day. Mom and I went to my office (at the church) and set it all up. Before the accident, I switched offices with someone, and just left it all piled in there with the intent to fix it up later. So today Mom told me we were going up there to sort it all out and get it all set up. However, when we got there, she had already been there and done most of the work!! She had been waiting for me to get ready to go up and see it. Being the Pinterest geek I am, I made a whole lot of decorative things for my office. We also put all of those up. Now it looks so awesome!! The pictures of my craftiness are below.

Last night while I was doing my exercises, I kind of threw myself a pity party. Sometimes I still get so mad about everything and sad about how things turned out. This wasn't how I planned my life. I never even thought about amputation or how it might affect my life. I didn't plan to have to worry about a prosthetic with my youth or kids. I didn't plan to have any limitations. I had to make a decision no one should have to. I don't regret it, but I kind of hate it. It's always the same thing. I have no foot. My mobility was taken from me in a single moment. It sucks. I try to remind myself that this is temporary. It's so hard to remember that. I think if I had the full use of my left arm, it may not be so bad; I obviously still don't have use of my arm, though.

Also, last night my leg didn't look as good as it did the day before. When we took the dressing off, it pulled out 2 stitches. It just looked different. Mom emailed my doctor, so hopefully he will get back to us soon and ease my worry.

Right now we are all hanging out and watching TV. We had dinner earlier (delish- hamwiches) and now we are just chilling as a family. We will do some more wound care (fingers crossed) and my exercises, then go to bed.

I want to see Les Mis. That is all.

And that's life...

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