Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 123

Today is the fourth month since my accident. Consequently it's the first time I have been in a car in the rain. Dad drove, of course, but it brought back memories and tears. It's still scary to be in a car in the rain. Dad said that he has good tires and will be safe. I looked at him and reminded him that's what I had and what I was doing when I got hit.

We were out in the rain because we were shopping for baking stuff. I promised Dad's 7th period class some brownies for ALL passing their benchmarks! They're the only class to do so thus far (apparently). I don't think this would have been the case when I was in school, but that's a different topic. Also, I'm making stuff for our family Christmas dinner.

I taught one of Dad's classes today!! I think it went pretty well. I was a bit short winded, but it all worked out. Also, Daddy told all of his students to call me Ms. Moore and not Jenny anymore. Haha! I was reactivated on the sub list today. Yay me!!

So in the rain, in the car, I start thinking. Yeah, that's never really a good idea. I think about how seconds could have saved or killed me. See? I shouldn't think. Then I thought about that girl... Can you see where this is going? Yep. Tear Town. I alternate between hate (not actual hate, but at least severe dislike), and feeling bad for her. I think the boy in the car with her may have had more trauma than I did. Certain things I have found out since the accident have lead me to this conclusion. Anyways, I feel bad for her. Then I hate her again. She was just a dumb teenager going too fast on a wet road. Still, it sucks.

Ok. This is Christmas (although I can't convince me of that). This is the ultimate season of Life and new beginnings and forgiveness. I'm going to give all of those a shot with this girl. I'm going to try to forgive. I won't be able to forget and will try real hard not to pick it up again, but that's really difficult for me. I just want to move on from her and this accident. Will this matter in two years? No. I will still be an amputee, but I will be fine and mobile and back to my normal life. So anyways, I'm going to try. I'm going to forgive this girl and move on. For real. Ok, at least I'm going to try. That's all anyone can really ask.

And that's life...

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