Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 131

This morning I went to PT. We practiced "sitting down" instead of plopping. We are practicing sitting in a rolly chair for bathroom stuff. My PT wants me to do this every time I sit, so I'll give it a shot! We also practiced balancing; I stood up, Dad moved his hands around, and I had to tap them with my right hand. I was doing pretty well until my PT made me look at the hands and reach for them (outside of my comfort zone). I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself.

Next, we went to get Dad's oil changed. So we sat at Honda for like a million years while his car got serviced. We walked (rolled) around the car lot to look at different cars. I'm not ready to buy one yet, but one day (hopefully soon) I will be. It got too cold to continue looking at cars, so we headed in to finish our wait.

After that, we ate a light lunch of BBQ. Then we headed to the movie. We got there for a 2:40 show. The guy informs us they have 7 seats left and sends someone to check and see if any wheelchair seating is available. There isn't any, so we decide to buy tickets for the next show after an usher said that we would only have to wait about 30 minutes. Turns out, he was crazy... It was more like a 2:40 to 4:15 wait; an hour and a half-ish. So we went across the street to HEB to waste some time. We slowly walked (rolled) around the chaos that is HEB. When we had wasted enough time, we went back to the theater to see The Hobbit. It was awesome!!! Also, 2013 will be super busy because there are a LOT of movies we want to see that are coming out.

We came home, ate dinner, watched some Chopped (that's where we are now), we'll do some wound care, and go to bed!

And that's my awesome life...

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