Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 135

I woke up this morning and showered with my new shampoo. I think it helped a bit. I got ready for the day and sat around waiting for the day to start. Mom and Dad finally got ready and we were off!

I had an OT (occupational therapy) appointment today. So we went. Basically she gave me some exercises to do on my own, didn't understand what my ortho wanted from her, and said she couldn't do much if I came to see her 3 times a week. This sucks because I was kind of counting on her to "fix" the issues I have with my arm, elbow, and shoulder. Also, just doing exercises on my own wont get me that far, especially since she said I shouldn't "force" the joint. Ugh! This whole "healing" thing sucks. I'm waaaaay over waiting on this. I guess not, though, huh?

After OT, we went to celebrate my "aunt and uncle's" birthdays! We ate at Pappadeaux and it was delish!! It was so nice to see people from Dad's work, whom I consider friends, while we're on break. My uncle's birthday was today, December 31, and his wife's (my aunt) birthday is tomorrow, January 1. I love that! Ha! I hope they both have happy birthdays!!!

After that we wasted time because I was going to hang out with my friends and sister for New Year's Eve. However, a lot of my friends couldn't make it, so I decided not make Dad go out of his way (at 1 am) to come get me; I didn't go. I know Sister is upset, but maybe it was a sign I shouldn't have gone. So instead, we are bringing in the New Year by catching up on some shows!! While I was in the hospital, we accumulated over 100 hours of shows, so I'm excited to get some of those watched. Hahaha!!

I hope you have a Happy New Year my lovely readers!!

And that's life...

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