Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 121

Today I got to sleep in!! I wasn't going to go to school with anyone, but Daddy came and got me on his conference. Really, it was a win win; I got extra sleep and to go to school! I watched Dad teach and enjoyed his classes.

Mom came to pick me up and we went to wound care. Unfortunately they just made me an appointment for the day AFTER I see my ortho surgeon. We'll see if it's necessary after my visit. I was under the impression the wound care would be quick and on site, not in the hospital away from therapy and needing an appointment. Not what we were told. Hmmm... That seems to be a trend.

After that non-wound-care visit, I had my OT evaluation. Again, a let down. Apparently we can't do much with this left arm until it's out of the brace. I keep trying to convince my ortho to take it off, but it doesn't work that way. Ha! Who knew? So my left arm and hand are weak (DUH) and I'll get exercises on my next visit, which is the 31st. This is a slow moving train that better pick up speed or I will do the exercises without them. I can't wait around and get weak because they can't get it together. Ugh!!

We ate dinner and watched some Nikita (we are all caught up now). Now I will shower and go to sleep so I can go to someone's school with them tomorrow!

And that's life...

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