Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 116

This morning I got dressed ALL BY MYSELF!!! TMI: I put on my bra, which is hard enough with TWO hands; right ladies? I also put on an under shirt, a dress, and a light sweater. I was oh so proud of myself!! I also flat ironed my hair and did my make up. Well done, me!! Sorry, I'm proud.

I got all ready so I could go to work with Dad! So I went. All the wonderful teachers there hugged me. All the students said hi. I felt so at home and welcome. I stayed in Dad's room and watched him teach; one of my favorite things to do!! One staff member brought me a Sunkist from his personal stash and snacks from the lounge. His wife was so sweet when she saw me and said hi. I will remember and cherish both of them and their kindness forever. My "uncle" stopped by to say hi to me as well; I can't wait to see my "aunt" on Friday at the staff dinner!!! Dad's boss and I talked a little (she's an amputee, too- and a beautiful person). I was able to sit up ALL day! We went to Subway for lunch (of course- Daddy goes there everyday!). It was awesome!!

I had my PT evaluation after school. My new PT saw me transfer and was amazed! She also said I had a great attitude. We will work on balance, standing, and transfers apparently. She will only see me twice a week because of a new law that might be passed that could cause my insurance to cut back on my therapy. Hmmm... I wanted 3 days, but Dad said we'll do PT at home. I'll let you know... Ha! Next we went to dinner.

12 things I am oh so thankful for:
1. God- without Him I'm pretty sure I would be dead, literally.
2. Family- I have the most amazing family that will bend over backwards to help me. We have our problems, but we're strong and always persevere. They have been amazing through all of this and I can't even begin to express my gratitude.
3. Youth Group- I love all of my kids. I also love the perks and friendships I have made by becoming a youth director.
4. Friends- I have the best friends. Period.
5. Age- Although I'm tired of hearing, "You're so young", I am happy I am young. This whole thing will be behind me in no time. I heal better and faster because of my age.
6. House- No, our house is not wheel chair accessible, but we have one. I live under a roof with some luxuries.
7. Education- I work hard to be an educated person about anything and everything. I'm thankful I have access to education and that I utilize that access.
8. Modern Medicine- Without modern medicine, I would not have even made it this far. I would have been waaaaaay worse off.
9. Cars- My car did what it was supposed to and saved my life. However, I'm also thankful for Mom and Dad's cars that take me where I need to go.
10. DVR- It sounds crazy, but I loooooove my DVR with its fast forward, rewind, and record.
11. Mobility- I am so thankful that I'm strong enough to be mobile and go places and do things.
12. Today I got to be at a school (a favorite place to be as I am a soon-to-be teacher) at 12:12 on 12/12/12. This is the last time it will happen until 2101. It was pretty cool!

Perfect ending to a perfect day? Recorded shows!!

And that's life...

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