Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 130

We went to see my ortho first thing this morning. It wasn't icy at all, although that was a concern of ours. He took out half of my stitches without me being sedated, anesthetized, or crying!!! The right half of my leg is still healing, but looks good and is making progress (yes, I needed to hear it from him). Also, he gave me new directions about my arm and told me I could lift five pounds with it! That seems like nothing, but I have lost a LOT in that arm. I did not get to see my amazing PT at the hospital which made me a little sad. Before we left, Dad and I each got a muffin, and then headed home. I immediately took a nap that lasted waaaay too long, but was perfect.

Next, we headed to my new PT. She gave me new exercises and stretches to do. She was, of course, impressed I could do all that I did. I told her I did most of the exercises in the hospital, which I think really helped me. I can't wait to be strong again!!

When we got home from PT, one of my BFFs and another friend stopped by. She brought me a Christmas present, bath stuff, and it smells amazing!! I can't wait to use it! We talked about a little bit of everything. I showed them Peggy!!! They thought she was adorable. After they left, Mom decided we needed to work on my room.

So we reorganized some stuff. We got rid of some clothes. We moved stuff around. It's so much more functional now. Set up really is everything! I can now get to my closet to pick out what I'm going to wear. When we were done, I did my PT exercises (which Daddy helped me with) and got in bed. I have PT again in the morning, so it's off to LaLa Land (again) for me!!

And that's life...

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