Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 109

Today's therapy went well. I worked really hard (even when my therapist wasn't there for a bit). While working on the arm bike, twice, I rocked out to my awesome playlist. I'm pretty sure people thought I was crazy. Ha! During group another amputee said she was going to work harder because she saw me working hard. I was really touched. I just work hard for me.

We practiced using the walker again. I really don't like it. For one, I have to hop and big girls should NOT hop... Second, I don't think it's an efficient way to ambulate or walk. Third, it makes me tired so fast. We shall see.

I put up my OWN hair today... TWICE!! I am so proud of me. I put it up this mornimg and after my shower this evening. It wasn't easy and it's not perfect, but I'll take it!
I did my own hurrr.
Today I was reading a different blog. It made me cry because of how kind people can be. It also reminded me that my situation isn't as bad as some peoples'. Mama Laughlin is running (haha if you know her) a Christmas special thing. She is posting stories of less fortunate people and is allowing others to help them. It's such a beautiful thing to see. I hope you take a look and help if you can.

P.S. Phantom pain sucks!
And that's life...

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