Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 125

I went to work with Daddy today. All of the classes went so fast because it was a half day. 7th period really enjoyed the brownies and bubble gum I think! Next we went to lunch. Then I came home and started Dad's break off right, with a nap (I think he dozed of at least once). Ha!

TMI: I used the potty at the house to go today!! Woot! "It's all about set up," said the most amazing PT ever. I love her!! Had a text conversation with her today.

After that, I convinced Daddy we should go to Bass Pro Shop to see the lights... What a disappointment. There weren't even any lights to really see. Anyways, on the way up there my stupid map took us through the airport!! What was it thinking?! We don't know. It was an interesting little adventure. Ha! A LOT of people were buying guns; interesting considering recent events.

People were mostly really nice. They held doors, pulled their kids out of the way, gave me space; it was nice. One guy, though, called out to me that his sister just had an above knee amputation. I'm not real sure why he thought that was necessary information to tell me, but apparently to him it was. Some of the kids did a double take, but I'm starting to get used to that.

We got him with no detours. Haha! We were going to go see some Christmas lights, but decided to save those for tomorrow! I just took all my medicines (I'm like an old person with all the meds I'm taking, and we are doing wound care. Then I'm off to sleep!

And that's life...

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