Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 118

Today I slept in and was a little lazy. It was so nice! I laid in my bed for like an hour. Then I decided to comb out my hair. So I combed 100 strokes. Then I made my way into the living room.

I ate a cinnamon roll a church member made me; oh wow, it was delicious!! I also had some Promise Land chocolate milk, my favorite ever! I watched some recorded Once Upon A Time then started to get ready.

I twisted my hair back (all by myself!!) and used bobby pins and everything! I applied my makeup and got all dressed. Then I waited for Mom to pick me up. She took me to On The Border to meet some friends. One of my best friends is graduating college and I am so so proud of her!! She has worked so hard to finish and it has finally paid off. We had drinks for her and another friend (who I am also extremely proud of!!). I mostly tasted people's drinks rather than get my own because of the healing process I'm trying to expedite. After that great reunion and tons of laughter, we left for Dad's "Friday after payday" dinner.

Consequently, that was also at On The Border. We ate with the staff and my sister came. We laughed and joked and had a great time! A guy told me he had dislocated his elbow a while back and it took 6 months to stop hurting. He had a different accident, but recognized my brace. Ha! Who knew?! It was very interesting to talk to him. I kind of wish I could have asked a lot of questions about healing, but he was a server and was busy.

Next, we got ice cream and went home to decorate the tree!! Mostly Sister did it, but I watched. We listened to Christmas music (some Straight No Chaser and Trans Siberian Orchestra) while she trimmed the tree. After that busy day, I was pooped. It's time for bed now.

And that's life...

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