Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 134

So my sister came by last night and stayed the night with us. We watched TV and caught up. Then we all went to bed. I did not exercise, but I will tonight.

This morning we all got up and went to church together. It was really nice. We all sat together and a couple of my youth sat close by.

After church we took my sister and Dad to the doctor so they could get their levels checked. What should have taken a few minutes took about an hour and a half. They left us in the car (with the keys) because they thought it would be a short thing, not a full-blown ordeal. So I watched some Walking Dead while I waited. Ha! When they were done, we went home and ate lunch.

After lunch, my sister made me take a nap (yep, she had a gun and everything!! Haha!). We talked before the nap about plans for New Years Eve. It's difficult to plan stuff because of the accommodations I now need. I've never even thought of any of those things before, like space in the building, handicap stalls, etc. It changes a lot of the logistics of going out. I think we do have a plan, though.

When we got up from our nap, we played my new Apples to Apples game I got for Christmas! I always think that game is so fun and hilarious!! We played until we thought we couldn't play anymore, then Sister went home.

Next, a friend of Dad's stopped by to borrow a Wilton tip and visit. She stayed a whole and we talked about life and my plans for New Years. After she left, I did my exercises and went to bed.

And that's life...

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