Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 108

Today was assessment day. My case worker came to talk to Mom and me. She told me that the doctor, PT, and OT had decided that I should stay until next Wednesday. I think they said this because assessment day is Tuesday so that gives them until at least then to evaluate me. We asked her what my goals were. She explained them to us, we asked questions, and then we bargained with her and she is going to let me go home on SATURDAY!!!!

I'm so excited! I get to go home on Saturday!! To sleep in MY bed! See MY clothes in the closet! Watch MY, well Dad's, TV! Shower in MY shower! I. Can. NOT. Wait.

Today in PT I went up the small ramp four times. Then... on the fourth try, I went up the NEXT ramp!!! I also used the platform walker and got one foot... Five feet... TEN feet!! Yeah, I'm awesome!! I also did the arm bike, group, and made a candy cane and an ornament. I'd say it was a productive day.
The "small" ramp is on the left with the red, and the "medium ramp has the bars.
The guy came with my stump protector, but it didn't exactly fit right. So he took it back and will fix it. Since my shrinker keeps roiling down (creating a sort of tourniquet), he told me not to wear it, and he is ordering me a new, different one. My beautiful, amazing PT came to visit me today!! We talked for a while about everything. My ortho surgeon came to visit me also. He checked my sutures, because of course I'm so scared I'm going to get another bacteria infection.We also chatted a while about a little bit of everything.

Random paragraph: My spirits have been lifted quite a bit because of this. Also, they took my brace off my leg and I can bend my knee. They took me off Lovenox and put me on some pill; no more belly shots!! They changed out my mattress because the other one went up on both sides... It was weird. I miss it. Ha!

I'm going to talk a bit about phantom pains. Now, I don't take pain meds, except Tylenol (I don't like to take things I don't have to). The pains are not all the time; they're random. It kind of feels like someone has some electric machine attached to different random points on the bottom of my foot and just turn up the voltage every once in a while in different places. Also, my toes feel cramped sometimes. I try to tell myself I don't have those toes (that rhymes!); it doesn't work. I sometimes feel my leg tingle. I get random sharp pains all up and down my leg. My arch will cramp up like I've over-extended it. I can even feel the hole that was in my ankle, even though it didn't really hurt when I had it. It's usually short lived, but has brought me to tears. I try to move my other leg/toes to fix the problem; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It excruciating sometimes and annoying always, but it's something I'll have to learn to deal with.

And that's life...

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  1. Jenny you are so strong, I am so glad that your ok. Jackie always updates me and I love reading your blog, your optimism always brightens my day!