Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 146

Today I went to school with Daddy. I finished my book while I was there. Ha! I also helped him do some stuff in and around the classroom. I did quite a bit of watching his class while he did whatever it was he was doing. Some of these kids crack me up!

While at school, my ortho contacted me. I'm going in tomorrow to get a wound vac put on... I'm so flippin' excited. NOT! I don't want a wound vac!! My ortho knows how I feel about all of this. I almost feel bad for him because he's doing all he can for me. Plus, he puts up with me. Haha!

I am really struggling with this setback. My sister told me I'm taking two steps forward and ons step back, but I'm still making progress. She is right, but it's so hard to see that right now... Why couldn't I have just healed normally? I'm so upset with myself for not healing. I feel like my body let me down. I just want to move past all of this, but apparently that's not meant to be yet.

My old PT texted me today that they're going to induce her tonight!!!! I'm so excited to meet her baby girl! I can't wait!! One of the positives of so much hospital time was making new friends.

When Mom finally got home, we ate, watched TV, and went to bed.

And that's life...

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