Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 145

Today I had lunch with a dear friend from college. We ate sushi and I took lots of pics. Ha! I remembered this time. We spent about 3 hours catching up. It was really nice. She came ALL the way to my house to get me and take me to lunch. I also got in and out of her car just fine, so I guess I'm getting better with that. Anyways, it was a wonderful lunch date!

After I got home, my ortho called me like he told me he would. He talked to my plastics doctor and they have decided I will get a wound vac until it is time for the skin graft. Now on the phone I took this like a champ, but when I hung up I started crying... You think I'd be used to bad news by now, but I guess not. This means I will have yet another surgery (number 22). Ugh. Also, I don't know how having a wound vac will impact everything... Like teaching and being in public. I'm really not that happy about this. Why can't I just heal normally and fast? Wouldn't that be better? I know it would be for me. However, he said I can probably have the procedure outpatient, which is good. I'm still healing the first graft and am not real happy about giving more skin for a second one. Maybe the wound vac will perform a miracle and I won't have to so the skin graft thing... Who knows?

Dad came and got me for PT after work. It was reevaluation day. I stood for 7 minutes and 20 seconds!!! Woot! She also watched me sit on the ball (I'm better at standing apparently...) and do some other balance things. I'm pretty sure this PT is going to love me soon enough! I think she's pretty fantastic; not my old PT, but a fair second.

After PT we ate dinner with one of my BFFs. I split food with Dad because I was still kind of full from lunch. It was delicious and we spent 2 and a half hours talking about all sorts of stuff. I really have missed my friends... Anyways, I gave her her Christmas present and I really think she liked it. Ha! I had Daddy take a few pics of us- they're below.

Dad and I came home and hung out with Mom. He changed the dressing on my leg, I read, and went to bed.

And that's life...

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