Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 166

This morning I got up and got ready for a day with the grandparents! First order of business: breakfast. Now, I told you I take advantage, right? I had my grandfather make me ANOTHER Egg McWilly!! This time it was on an "everything" bagel from Central Market (where they went yesterday). Ummmm... Can you say "yum"?! Yuuuuummmm!!!

After that, we loaded up in the car and they took me to HEB. I love grocery shopping and love HEB. So I was thrilled. Also, I'm happy to be OFF bed rest! My grandfather and I hid from my grandma until she took too long to find us (I don't think she cared if we were hiding- she was shopping). I saw these cute little baby apples and took a pic. Ha! Enjoy that. Imagine baby caramel apples with fewer calories! That's what I thought of anyways...

We walked around the WHOLE store just looking around at all of the stuff. Then, we found this cool little clip that you can use for cooking. You clip it to the side of your pot and it holds your spoon. Pretty ingenious invention! My grandma told my grandfather that she was thinking about getting one, but that she'd wait... So, he got it for her and we surprised her with it when we got home!!

After the store, my grandma and I made fruit salad for tonight's dessert. Now, I LOVE me some fruit so a bit of it never made it into the bowl... She cut up pineapples, papaya, nectarines, plums, peaches, apples, bananas, kiwis, and grapes then added some lemon juice and sugar. Boy was that a great dessert!!! She had some left over grapes so I froze those for a later snack! We had a little nap, then it was time for supper.

We had hamburgers for dinner when Dad got home. Again, scrumptious! Mom was working a game tonight, so she ate when she got home. Then we took some family pictures which are below!!

And that's life...

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