Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 154

Today I got out of bed after sleeping in for quite a while. I got ready for the day, and then my sister came over!! I haven't sen her in a while because of work/her being sick. She's better, now, though. I was soooo happy to see her!!

All four of us went to lunch at a new place, Hideout Burgers. I was actually really impressed!! The burgers were delicious! The place was decorated very eclectically. It was hodge podge, but really well done. I enjoyed it! They have "adult" milkshakes that I'm going to go back and try when I get all healed. We tried to get a picture of Dad, Sister, and me, but it was waaaaay too bright and we kept closing our eyes.

We came home, and Mom, Sister, and I went to see my favorite nurse! It was her parents 50th wedding anniversary and she invited me. I have missed her so much!! It was so so great to see her again, and her parents are adorable!

When we got back home, we ended up sitting around. I made a poster for a fellow youth director of mine. I think it turned out pretty well!! I even used a ruler! Ha! It's one thing to make art for yourself, and something different entirely to make it for someone else. So I tried to make sure it was nice and straight and pretty.

We ate dinner and watched some Walking Dead. I put together some pictures that show before and after; all before a are on the left and afters are on the right.

And that's life...

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