Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 165

This morning I went to the doctor, and, drum roll please... THE SKIN GRAFT TOOK AND I AM WOUND VAC FREE!!!! Woohoo! He said it looks good and that I can start PT on Monday. I'm so super excited!! He left the yellow stuff on the donor site, but said as it peels I can cut the yellow stuff back. It hurts like crazy, though!! It feels like I was drug across the gym floor and then onto and across the carpet- twice. Ew.

After the ortho, we went to see my lawyers. I feel waaaaaay more educated than I did and am confident they are doing a good job. Unfortunately, I have I start paying stupid bills. Ugh.

We met my grandparents at Babe's for lunch. You can't go wrong with the food there... Delish!! I had sweet tea and the tenders. Yum. We also watched them do the Hokey Pokey- lots of jokes there. Haha!

We went home and sat around until it was time for Youth!! That's right, I'm off bed rest and am on a roll! Woot!! We had a great and thought-provoking conversation about Lent. It was fantastic! I'm so proud of my Youth children. Also, my two awesome teachers were there who I LOVE seeing!

After Youth, I wen home and watched some TV and visited with the family.

Today I was loving the sun so I took some pictures. Also, I downloaded a new app, Bokehful, that makes cool effects on my pictures- especially sun pictures!! It was $0.99, but worth it for the girly touches it adds. Ha! Love it!!

And that's my amazing life!!

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