Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 147

Mom: How are you taking this whole wound vac thing?
Me (sarcasm): As if it's not bad enough I'm in a wheelchair, I have no foot, I have a brace on one of my arms, and I wheel with one arm and one leg; now I have a machine that makes unfortunate sounds and a tube coming out of the top of my pants that looks like a catheter...
Mom: So not well?
Me: It's not so bad. Haha!!

This morning we got up at the crack of God awful early for a Saturday and met my ortho at the hospital. It took about 30 minutes to get the wound vac on and hooked up. He kept adding tape like it would make it better!! Crazy doctors and their handy dandy tape. We put it on so it could run up my leg and I can take them off tonight for bed. In all seriousness, I have the best doctor!!

Guess who I got to meet today?! I went up to see my old PT and her beautiful baby girl! She is perfect, of course. Lucky me for being at the hospital at the right time. I also got to meet her and her husband's whole family. They are the cutest little family!! It was kind of funny because she was in the bed and I was not. I felt like I should have started boot camp and have her do 20 sit-to-stands. Haha!

After that, one of my BFFs came to get me. We went and got a birthday gift for a one year old, which was an adventure! It kept raining and people were just crazy. First we tried Walmart, but scratched that and went to Target and got the perfect gift gift. Next, we ate lunch at Chili's. It was apparently the most ghetto Chili's because the service was spotty and all the wait staff were standing around talking. They have a new mac-n-cheese, though, that is scrumptious!!! I'm kind of a mac-n-cheese connoisseur. It was up there; I'd definitely recommend it. The waitress asked me if she could have the chair next to me and my friend said, "Sure, she brought her own." The waitress looked sooooo confused!! Ha! We had a grand ol' time!!

Then, we went to the one year old's birthday party. The theme was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- like the book. They had the cutest stuff!! Getting in the house was scary because someone took me backwards (my second least favorite way to ride in a wheelchair) and tipped me backward to get me over the threshold (my least favorite way to ride in a wheelchair). I'm not a little girl and don't really trust people not to drop me. Ha! Anyways, it was fine, we all lived through it. Leaving was not nearly as scary as coming in was. My friend's husband rapped the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. He was fantastic! It was a great party!!

When we got home, we ate, watched TV, watched Walking Dead, and went to bed!

And that's my wonderful life!!

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