Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 144

Today I got up, got ready, and got to the doctor (Mom was my adult today). It was raining, and I might have had 12 tiny heart attacks on the way... We did arrive safely there and home, though. There was a 7-11 that was apparently built while I was in the hospital (pic below). I find this very interesting because it was just land when I went in. Back to the appointment... My ortho said my leg doesn't look infected or anything (thank God!!!), but doesn't look like he wants it to. So, he referred me back to my plastic surgeon. However, my plastics guy can't see me until January 30th, and I REFUSE to wait that long for him. I will ask for a different referral if that is his earliest date after my ortho talks to him tomorrow. I'm trying not to flip out about the plastics doctor because I don't know what he will say... We'll see how that goes. He also said I can try a week off of my blood pressure medicine (which I am on because of my heart rate after the accident).

I'm trying to stay positive. I don't know the future (obviously) and can't play the "what if" game. He may take another skin graft (hopefully NOT) or he may do something completely different. I have no idea and no way of knowing. So I will try to "Let go and let God" as much as my human-self can. Ugh. Being a control freak is TOUGH!! Haha! I'm worried about how this is going to affect my prosthetic schedule...

After the ortho, we ran some errands and ate at an Egyptian restaurant for lunch!! I've never had Egyptian food, and was super excited to go. It is very similar to Mediterranean, which we discovered is because Egypt is on the Mediterranean Sea. I had shawarma and Mom had some macarona (pics below), we both got a salad. Both were delish!!! I also got some baklava for me, and brought some to Dad.

One of the errands we ran today was to buy cake balls and take them to my friend's office. She was so super surprised!! Ha! I used my "real/adult" name at the desk, so she didn't know it was me. I also saw other people I knew (you know who you are!) and met a lot of faces I knew the names of. I got to see and talk to the bishop! I'm so fancy. Haha! Apparently I'm notorious (in a good way). I never expected that from all of this... Anyways, it was a lovely and humbling experience to surprise my friend (who I didn't get pics with AGAIN) and meet all of those people I've heard of, but never met.

When we got home, I wasted time by reading until it was time for Wednesday Night Out. This is the first time I've been to a Wednesday night in a while. It is a little different than Sunday nights. I have some trusty teachers (one was my teacher and one was close in age to my youth group) that run the class like pros. It was so cool to see them in action. We talked a little bit after class about how it went and what we can do to make it better. I'm excited about going next week, too!

And that's life...

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