Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 158

Today was fairly boring since I'm on bed rest. I can literally get up to go to the bathroom and that's it. My leg is propped up and I've been napping/watching TV all day. Mom stayed with me this morning and made me soup for lunch!! Yum! Then she had to go to work.

Since today is National Handwriting Day, I wrote a letter to myself (with my favorite pen). Sorry it's so crooked, but I write crooked and apparently take pictures crooked... Also, I have terrible print, so cursive it is. That will be most of my post today since it was so uneventful. Ha!

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  1. Jenny, you are so correct .... 2013 WILL be a great year. Thanks for participating in the link-up today, this is so much fun!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31